52 Journal Questions ∴33

Week 33: Where were you 10 years ago? 

Ok. I’m a little late but from now on I’ll do my best to answer these “Journal Questions” right on time. 

In fact I remember kind of answering this question on my 9 Years Ago post which I wrote for my blogiversary. But to be exact, I’ll take a walk down memory lane and tell you precisely where I was and was doing 10 years ago: August 2008

First of all, I was a blondie. I was working in an amazing company in Bursa (whom I was going to hate after 5 years). I was loving the job I did, loving the people I worked with. I was just back from a business trip from Vigo, Spain and was counting the days to fly to Paris for the music festival; Rock En Sein. We went there with one of my friends, Omer and meet the rest of the crew in the festival area. It was a 3 day festival and the headliners were Rage Against the Machine, R.E.M, Amy Winehouse, The Roots, The Streets, Kate Nash, The Dø, Kaiser Chiefs, Justice and many more. It was the perfect line-up but to be honest, we were there to see Amy Winehouse. 

Long story short, it was unforgetable 3 days of my life; I was in Paris, my favorite city, I was in a music festival, able to watch legendary artists live (except Amy as she bailed on us last minute). I was mostly drunk and dancing. It was one hell of a August. 


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