Meet Tobias Fünke

Here’s the reason why I was so MIA lately. Tobias Fünke, the newest addition to the family. Long story short, he was sick and weak. He had diarrhea and blood on his stool. He was only 700 grams. Then the treatment began. He couldn’t eat because of his sore mouth thus he couldn’t gain weight. After one month, he was only 710 grams. After another one month of treatment he started to eat and gain weight but again the blood started to appear on his stool. I’ve found blood clot on the floor one day! So another treatment process started with antibiotics, probiotics, fiber pills, L-lysine supplements, etc. I took every single poo-poo he left behind. In fact I have an album on my phone dedicated to his poo-poos. 

And now he’s doing good. He’s off the antibiotics for two days now. He’s over 2 kgs and he’s a little vampire. He’s our little baby boy and he’s Carlita’s wrestle parner. He’s a little too much annoying for Carlita but I hope they will be best friends when Tobias stops being a vampire.

Welcome Home You Little Stinky Ass Vampire!

We love you! 


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