New Year Resolutions*2019

Before reading this blog post, please go read my post written exactly 4 years ago about setting goals/new year resolutions if you are not a goal oriented person or someone who thinks new year resolutions suck. 

For the last few years, I was not really in the mood for setting or keeping/achieving new year resolutions or goals for the new year. I wasn’t feeling it and to be honest, I didn’t care at all. But this year (to save me from tears) I’m feeling much more motivated. Motivated about reification of the things I know that are good for me. So I guess it’s time to make a move.

First things first;

♥Meditate. This is my remedy and I kept neglecting it. Meditating helps me to be mentally sound and well-balanced. That’s what I need the most. 

♥Move/Workout/Dance. I. NEED. TO. MOVE. No ifs ands or buts. Not moving doesn’t help me at all. I understand this in a very depressive way. And one thing I understood about workingout is, it’s have to be done in a right mindset. My mindset for working out from now on is:♥ Let things happen: 2018 gifted me with “clarity”. A clarity that is crystal clear. And I’m overly thanksful for this ability. I shouldn’t force or make things to happen. That was a huge mistake. I now know that I need to let things happen. Forced relationships, forced interactions, forced conversations… Not anymore. I’m not going to force anything or anyone but first and foremost; myself. I now belive in the divine timing and and my motto of this year is; 

♥ Be more social. This is our mutual decision with my husband. We want to be more present in life and in life of our loved ones. We won’t cancel plans because of our laziness or miss the opportunities because of unrealistic excuses. 

♥ Stick to my morning/evening routines. I used to have my sacred morning routine and with my husband our evening routine and we both didn’t care about them at all. Lately we are trying to recover and gain back our rituals and we’re doing well. For my morning routine, I still need more motivation I guess.

♥ Simplify/minimalise my life. Recently, I’m feeling the urge of decluttering. Just before new year’s eve we decluttered our living room and I’m feeling great about it. Next day, I did a minor “cleaning” in the kitchen and I’m planning to do more in coming days. We want to simply our space and minimalise our lives. Hence, I’ll try to buy less. 

♥Eat more fruit. This I may have writen the last but it’s the most important resolution of 2019.

These are my goals/resolutions for the new year. The things I want to do, to make a habit of, to add and remove from my life. There sure will be days of despair and uncertanity in which I lost my interest. It’s ok. I’m ok with those days and emotions and thoughts. Life has ups and dows. I do know that all of them are for me and except and embrace them with open arms.

And I will leave you with an amazing song which I came across just a few days before 2018 ends. The first time I listened to it was 21 years ago. It’s still so true, so real.


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