I woke up this morning with a very joyful mood and I wanted to share it here. There is no particular reason, I’m just happy and grateful. I asked myself why I shouldn’t write about it. Because I want to write here more often, about anything. Not only our monthly recaps but like I used to do, I want to write about like the paintings I love, books I read, movies we watch, places we go. But also I want to write here whenever I feel like writing. I want to write down what is in my head as I think of it which I don’t usually do.  So today is one of those days. 

After Mr T. left home for work, I read a little. It’s something I want to include to my 2019 morning routine. Then I had my breakfast and made my to-do list for the week. I try to write every little thing to this list because I FORGET. The list includes taking down our tiny christmas tree, ironing 34455 shirts and making a habit tracker. It’s my new favorite thing by the way. As soon as I make one I’ll share here. Maybe tomorrow? Well, I really don’t have A LOT to do this week but I have priorities like finishing the book I’m reading or going to Bauhaus but it snowed like crazy yesterday and it’s all frozen out there. I can’t find the strength in me to go out today…

Have you thought about your priorities for this week?

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