Habit Tracker

I used to have habit trackers for my morning routine back in times when I was younger and motivated… Just kidding. I’m still (a little less) young and feeling (a little less) motivated. But it’s a fact that my last few years were lack of motivation for me. This is how I’m trying to change it.

I downloaded this habit tracker from Evermore Paper Co.  What can I say? I’ve an old skool way, I’m a paper/pen girl. There are many applications that you can use as a tracker but I like it to write them down, mark them with my Sharpies.

These are the habits I want to include/exclude in/from my life. Why? Because when I do them I feel good, I feel motivated and I feel positive. Logging my progress helps me to be more productive. And I know myself very very well. Not tracking doesn’t help me. I need my routines, I need to do those things, make them my habits. I need to wake up early because I know I’m a morning person. I need my energy routine because it’s time to put things that I learn into practice. I need to meditate because this is how I can listen to myself. When these lines become habits after a while, I will add new ones. I’ll try to better my habits, better my daily life, better myself.  

I’ve read that Business Insider reports 80% of people abandon their resolutions within six weeks of the new year.  Well, I think I’ll update here about my habit tracker by the end of February 2019. 

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