What I Read in 2018

I adore Goodreads! I’ve been using it since 2011. We’ve an on again-off again relationship. There are times I don’t remember that it exists and there are days I get lost in it, spend hours reading forums and reviews. But for the last couple of years, I’ve been using it effectively. And for the last two years, I still can’t believe it but I achieved my reading challenges. It highly motivates me. I used to read only at night, during bed time but last year I started to read in day time, too. And to tell the truth, it was the best decision I’ve ever made. Because even reading just a few pages in day time keeps my mind in peace, keeps it off from daily chaos. 

I’ve read Rosie Leizrowice‘s article about reading more books and she writes; 

Let’s assume it takes a minute to read a page and the average book is 300 pages. If you read for 5 minutes per day, that’s 1825 minutes (30.4 hours) per year. Divide by 300 and that’s 6.1. The average person probably takes a bit more than a minute to read a page and some books may be longer, so let’s round it down to 5.

Five books a year is not many, but five minutes a day is nothing.

Five minutes. You’d spend five minutes deliberating over which pizza to order. Or staring at a coffee pot, waiting for it to heat up. Or reading an email from a supermarket. Or reading this article.

If we increase 5 minutes to 15 minutes a day, that’s 5475 minutes (91.3 hours) per year, equating to 18.25 300-page books, which we can again round down to 15.

You probably spend 15 minutes looking at your phone after waking up or before falling asleep. If you commute by train or bus that’s easily 15-minutes.

It’s just that simple. I’m not saying my reading capacity doubled when I begin to read in day time but I could read as much books as I aimed since. Some may say things like don’t read more, read smart or such like. They might be right. But in the end, reading is reading even it’s considered as trash and don’t you forget, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Respect that.

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