Happy Monday

I always have the weirdest dreams…Some days they are like film scripts, you can turn them into movies and sometimes they are just ridiculus, like the one I just had. I dreamed about Sponge Bob and his ex-girlfriend. Then, I found a german shepherd and it turned into a baby in my arms while sitting in a rocking chair. It’s like I’m Alice in Cuckoland.

Anyway, It’s raining here today and it’s already dark. Total Lunar Eclipse (Blood Moon) has happened I guess. This week I don’t have a lot to do. I want to buy a new blush because the one I’m using is really old and about to finish. Also I want to buy a new pillow as from time to time I have to use a softer one because of my migraine headaches. On saturday I cleaned the kitchen and threw away all expired stuff and things we do not use. I.FEEL.GREAT. There’s only kitchen cabinets left to clean up. Then I want to clean the en-suite bathroom. And by friday, I want to finish the book I’m reading. 

Have a nice week!

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