Film is not Dead

One of the things I miss and want to “revive” in my life is film photography. We do have really good cameras and they are all in good condition but they are in our closet for years because the technology has captivated us. Digital photography is everywhere! In our last summer holiday, we realized that we hadn’t taken our camera with us. We didn’t even remember taking it. Why? Because we had our smart phones with fancy cameras. I remember our first holiday together with Mr. T and it was totally analog. I remember my summer holiday in Paris back in 2005, it was aaaall analog. And I’m glad they were! I told Mr.T that I want to use our cameras more often just after we got back from vacation, even in our daily lives and a few days ago I found a CD in which I found those 2005 Paris photos. Not all of them, unfortunately. But thankfully I had them all developped back then. And before that while we were  decluttering our living room, we found quite a few films that have been waiting to be developped.

So today I’m going to go and buy camera films and look for a place to develop the ones on hand. I have no idea how much it would cost. Maybe we should turn our guest room into a darkroom. That might be more affordable?

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