No Coincidences

There is no coincidence. I deeply and totally believe this. Even seeing this message below early this morning. Because for two days I’ve been thinking about exactly the same thing; About the most important relationship in my life after the one with myself. 


We had guests two nights ago. I’m not going to spill the tea on that night but since then I’ve been thinking about how important the peace in your home and your relationship is. No matter what circumstances you are under, if you together can sleep in peace at night, you have the best relationship ever! 


I believe in soulmates, I really do. But for me a soulmate is not the prince charming or the saviour angel that comes out of a fairy tale, someone who completes your sentences, shares the same dreams with you, wants exactly the same things with you. He or she is not your “other half” or does not “complete you”. For me your soulmate is someone who challenges you, who teaches you, who changes you for better, who shatters your reality, your beliefs. He or she is a milestone in your life. He/She is someone who makes you to be the best version of yourself, who makes you to better yourself every single day. And someone who is proud of you. 

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