Book Haul

My favorite kind of shopping; Book shopping. For me it’s like an adventure. 

First of all, I love book stores but I buy my books online because as you can guess it’s way more cheaper. On the other hand, going for an “online book shopping” is a serious business for me. I have a list of books that I want to read, like a to-read list. Then I have a “favorites list” on the site where I buy my books most of the time. Next, I go to the book stores and look for books, whatever I feel like reading: Self-help, sci-fi, horror, biography or comic books… Whatever I want to read at that time. I took photos of the books that appeal me. Then I come home and look for comments and reviews of the books (of which I’m not sure of) on Goodreads and on the book and reading blogs. Then I make my shopping list and order the books. 

This may sound ridiculous to you but this is my way of book shopping. It’s not like this all the time, I sometimes have impulsive shopping sprees but this is how I’m satisfied. 2 days ago I had a little book haul. This time I didn’t go to book stores and checked for reviews etc. Because lately, I wish to read the books that I disregarded all this time. 

I really wonder whether there are readers like me or not.


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