For Your Dance Parties

Back home from a family visit. Guess what? I think I gained like 8 kg in 2 days. It’s 12:16 and I haven’t eaten anything yet because I’m not hungry! 

Before my late breakfast, I need to go out for shopping (I’m out of quinoa and I’m not happy about it as a vegan). I’ll stop by a donation box for a few clothes I want to donate. Then I’m planning to take a long shower and have pamper routine. I started reading a new book, a book that has been waiting for 340 years in my bookshelf. And it was a wrong decision because I really really really don’t want to read it. But I will. I don’t have to cook today because Mr. T is not going to be home for dinner. I’ll only cooked some quinoa to eat it all through the week. I printed a new habit tracker for the new month. I’m planning to write a review of last month’s tracking and for the new month also. I think I did good. Well, at least not too bad as I expected. I started to have daily dance parties at home with the kids. Today it’s not going to happen as I’m really tired but if you are planning to have one I’m offering a nice dancing song for you just before I leave. 

Have nice day and a week!



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