January 2019

January 2019: Cold and snow… 

It snowed in January. It really did and I had enough. February started with sunny and warmer days and I can’t be happier.

So January is and always will be special because it’s my husband’s birthday month. This might be the only reason I love it. Other than that, you can put me in sleep and wake me up when spring time arrives.

We celebrate our birthdays in a humble and ordinary way for years. We go out for dinner to our favorite restaurant, eat, drink and talk for hours and go back home for the birthday cake, blow the candles, open the presents. It almost became a tradition and I love our little family traditions.

I really don’t have too much to write here about January. We didn’t go anywhere except Mr. T had a weekend getaway with his friends. I was literally at home all month. So what did I do? Books, TV shows and foods, briefly. The number one thing I tried and loooved was potato chips that I made. They were amazing! And not fried, I baked them in oven with a little splash of oil. So so so amazing! I tried to stick to my habit tracker especially for my morning routine, which I’ll write about it some day before this week ends. We invited our friends one night. Rest of the month was pretty much the same. 

We watched 2 really good movies: Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far on Foot and The Scent of a Woman. We started to watch Luther on Netflix. I also finished watching the whole two seasons of Friends from College and I did like it to be honest. Along with these, once in a while I watch Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23. I watched it years ago and I remember I enjoyed it and now for old time’s sake I’m watching it again. 

I’ve read 4 books: Through a Glass, Darkly by Jostein GaarderUbik by Philip K. DickThe Castle of Otranto by Horace Walpole and The Magic Ring by Friedrich Heinrich Karl de la Motte Fouqué. My favorite among them is by far Ubik. I’m going to read more PKD this year for sure. 

Now it’s time for morning yoga, though it’s 11:52. I’ve made my to-do list for today. It’s a calm day. 

Hope you have a calm and peaceful month!


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