Hppy Frdy

Yesss, finally Friday. The busiest day of my week. As if it’s not enough, I’ve forgotten to set the alarm and fell asleep. As usual I had the weirdest dreams. In the last one I had this morning, I was doing my makeup and now I have an urge to do so. Normally I’m not a really makeup person. But I do love my eyeliner and red lipstick. Maybe I should do a little makeup before I go out today? Anyway, you may wonder why  I’m doing here if I have a lot to do. Well, the answer is below: I’m having my morning tea. Never without my spicy morning tea! I forgot to do oil pulling. You see, it’s not an habit yet. I was planning to do my morning yoga but instead I was wandering around dreamland. I need to hurry up but just after my tea. 

Have a nice weekend.

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