Hello New Week!

Remember my last post? On Friday? “The busiest day of my week” Friday? I tell you what I did that day. 

I cancelled and postponed everything that was planned for that day, stayed at home and read. Some days are just like that. Those ” Do nothing days”… I know I’m very lucky that I have the chance to do so. I mean, to have the luxury to spare myself enough time and I’m beyond grateful for that. I feel so lucky. But the postponed stuff  tags along. So hello busy Monday! But this time I did a reasonable arrangement through the week so I don’t flee from responsibility

For today, I need to cook for dinner but also I’m planning to bake some. I bought fresh blueberries on Saturday. I’m allergic to most berries but when they are cooked, it’s more tolerable. I have to apply the cream I bought yesterday to my face as I have giant and deep scratch wound on my under eye from last night. I don’t know which one did it or how it happened but I woke with a sudden sharp pain on my face at 3 am in the morning. It was not nice… I don’t want a scar on my face so we bought a cream that helps scars and wounds to heal rapidly. If it doesn’t heal totally, I’ll proudly carry the scar with proud. Because you know, being a cat mother…

I wish you a happy week!

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