Habit Tracker / January

I started keeping a habit tracker to track my habits (REALLY??) and also to build new ones for the new year and for the rest of my life, hopefully. I’ve started in January and to be honest I was thinking that I was going to fail big time. I wasn’t perfectly on track but I did better than I expected. 

First of all as seen below there are fully empty days that I didn’t track anything. Those are migraine days. If it’s not migraine, it’s “super busy, maybe we have a visitor” days. Other than that, I try to sit every day and mark my tracker first thing in the mornings. 

As you can see I did well with my energy routine and meditations. Oh also my affirmations at night. I’ve started oil pulling in the middle of the months because I couldn’t find sesame oil anywhere. My skincare routine is something I just want to remember :) I’ve never been a woman who is profoundly into skincare. I don’t have tens of bottles in my bathroom. I just love doing simple things that is good for my skin, things that I’ve tried and experienced through the years. 

In my new monthly habit tracker, I deleted “bed reading” because it’s already my habit for years. I don’t need to see its progress. But on the contrary, morning reading is something I want to include in my daily routine. I don’t take my vitamins daily but I don’t want to forget taking them. That’s why I want to track it daily. Dry brushing is something I want to do daily but it will be in my daily routine gradually. For now I’m dry brushing before shower if I don’t forget.

And for February I added a morning yoga routine. It’s just simple living room yoga session, nothing serious. I do it with a 10 minute beginner video that I found on Youtube. It’s my first time at yoga and I hope to keep it as a habit. 

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