Hello New Week.

We had a wonderful weekend. I love Mondays following great weekends. Plus, it’s a sunny Monday! 

Weekend was good. We didn’t do anything special, we were just together for two full days. Mr. T didn’t work on Saturday. We ran errands in the city; cat food for Tobias, batteries for my reading lamps, engine lid for my father. We had a beautiful dinner and then I realized I had my favorite socks on, ones that are favorite of this year, given to me by my mother.

Did I ever mention here that I’m obsessed with socks? Well, I am. There are my socks in my sock drawer and there are my socks that are untouched, wrapped carefully with their tags on, waiting for the perfect moment. Maybe I should write a post about them one day…

Anyway, thanks to my lucky socks, everything worked out smoothly and it was a beautiful day. The next was better. A sunny Sunday! We made waffles for breakfast. We did cleaning and went to buy a pair of shoes for Mr. T. I’m happy he found a good pair that he likes. He’s the kind of person who buys something and wears and wears it until it becomes unrecognizable. So I’m happy he has shoes that look new. 

After farmer’s market shopping, we crowned the night with french fries and beer. This is the perfect weekend for me.  How was yours? 

Now I need to cook because There’s nothing to eat in the fridge except the greens we bought from the farmer’s market. But first I’ll have my breakfast; leftover waffles from yesterday…

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