Forgive Me Father For I Have Sinned

So this happened last night…

We made a giant pizza and ate it all with delicious German weissbier. Then we watched Sherlock. Oh, it was the perfect night. Husband, cats, giant pizza, good beer and Sherlock. The time should have stopped! 

But now, back to reality. I woke up, did oil pulling, bed stretching, energy routine and made myself a white mulberry tea and I’m writing this post while drinking it. I have to have a light breakfast (and also a light dinner!). I need to do the laundry, cook tomato soup for dinner and iron Mr. T’s jumpers. Yes jumpers! We have bought new jumpers for him. They are so chic but every single time I wash them, I have to iron them because they come out from the washing machine wrinkled as hell! So yes, ironing jumpers, welcome to my life. 


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