High by the Beach

What a weekend… Actually, this kind of weekend

We went to Istanbul for the weekend, visited my sister and her husband. Well, everyone had different motivations; For Mr. T and Christian, it was Motorcycle Expo. Me and my sister were mostly food-oriented. We tried vegan foods and visited vegan shops. I finally bought vegan yogurt! I can’t find it here in Ankara and I haven’t tried to make my own yet (but I will). Also I still have no idea how it tastes. I bought vegan cashew spread and quinoa meatballs which I’ll be trying for the first time. The soy margarine, the schnitzel and the nuggets are from Germany. I also have no idea how they taste like. I’m sooo excited! It’s not because I miss eating meat. I’ve never ever tasted nuggets in my life. My mom says I used to eat schnitzel when I was little but I can’t remember. I’m excited because I will try new things, new tastes and they are all cruelty -free!

I still have headaches from the weekend as my migraine didn’t want to leave me. Moreover, a wild Saturday night didn’t help at all. And now I’ve finished my mulberry tea, I’ll have a delicious breakfast. Then I have a big luggage to empty, laundry to wash, and kids to take care of. 

I wish a happy and healthy week you all!

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