You Shoulda Put Kale on It

I made kale chips last night. We first tried kale on New Year’s dinner but I made it differently back then. I sautéed it with mushrooms. Chips on the other hand, are much more easy to make and you can eat it when they’re cold. I rinsed and dried kale leaves, removed the ribs and cut into small pieces, tossed with olive oil and salt and baked it at 180 Celsius until crisp.

During weekend, we ate like shit. We were supposed to start eating less and healthier yesterday but we had go to the market and we were hungry. Believe me, nothing good happens when you visit grocery stores when you are hungry… And likewise, today is not the day either. We’re invited to dinner with friends. We will eat, we will drink… All of those calories. Again. But I’m hopeful about the rest of the week. So this means I can eat whatever I want today. I want to try my vegan yogurt so I’ll eat vegan Turkish ravioli for my super late breakfast. 

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