Goodbye, Mr. Winter

Technically, the last day of winter (meteorological calendar winter, for sure). The spring 2019 has arrived although it was snowing yesterday here in Ankara… 

We went to the movies last night. We were planning to stay at home and spend a cozy night together but we remembered that we had pre-bought movie tickets and the due date was today. We ate out (since last Friday we are eating out and I feel horrible about it) and saw “The Favorite“. I hadn’t read a single review about the movie but I knew Olivia Colman won a Golden Globe and the Oscar for the best actress. I also knew Emma Stone was in the movie and she was nominated for the best supporting actress which I have no idea how this happened. I don’t like Emma Stone, acting-wise speaking. She’s always the same in all her movies. The same gestures, the same look in her eyes… In my honest opinion, she’s so overrated. Anyway, we weren’t there for her. I liked the movie. Some say it’s Yorgos Lanthimos’ worst movie, some say it’s the best. I saw almost all of his movies and for me The Favorite is very much different among others. It was not boring at all thanks to amazing acting (not by Emma Stone). 

Today after my late breakfast I swear I’ll cook and we will have dinner at home. And if I can find time I’ll read a little because I now checked my disastrous habit tracker and saw that I only read in the morning just one day, during whole month. Great job!

I wish you all a beautiful and sunny weekend!




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