“A song that reminds you of someone you’d rather forget.”

I’m 37 and I totally left behind those “revenge” or “I’ll never forget” times. To be honest I’ve never been that spiteful gal. I’m not only talking about my love life, but also about my relationships with my family, with my friends etc. Sure, there were times I was hurt and maybe did stupid things which I’m still not proud of. It was me back then, I was a different person, thinking differently. 

What I want to say is I don’t regret anything I did or anyone I met and let in my life even though it didn’t end well. I faced the consequences because karma is a boomerang. Everything and everyone was a lesson. I would rather not forget any of them. And you know, “forgive but never forget” :P

Anyway, I don’t have someone I’d rather forget but that doesn’t mean I enjoy good revenge songs. I love them! Here’s one of my favorites. 






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