Have You?

Have you written your Last Will? 

Do your parents or siblings or your partner or friends know anything about it?

Last week I read When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi (You may not want to read this post unless you want to be exposed to spoilers about the book). A neurosurgeon at the age of 36 was diagnosed with lung cancer and died just after 22 months of his diagnosis. I’ll admit, in the last pages I put the book aside and started to cry. 

You may heard that the other day Luke Perry has passed away (The same day Keith Flint ended his own life). If you are my peer, you know both of these names, especially Luke Perry because Beverly Hills, 90210… Tell me someone who wasn’t in love with Dylan Mckay? 

Unlike Paul Kalanithi, Luke Perry’s death was unexpected. I mean, of course being diagnosed with inoperable cancer is unexpected but you have some time left  in your hands, at least to express your last wishes. And I think is something really important and valuable. None of us know how much time we have left, what might happen the next minute or when it will be the last time you see your loved ones. Your Last Will is not only about your assets. The things to be said and done after you leave are much more important in my opinion.

I wanted to talk  about these with my husband and every single time he refused me. But at some point, we have to have this conversation. But one thing I always say, If I die before him and he gives away or abandons my cat children, I’ll haunt him. I’ll haunt him every night. Even I’ll haunt in the daytime, at work. In the toilet, in the shower, in his dreams. I’ll haunt him in every breath he takes

2 thoughts on “Have You?

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