Habit Tracker/ February

First of all February 2019 was busy. Particularly the last week. I again updated my monthly habit tracker according to my needs and pleasures. 

Morning reading; it’s not going to be on my habit list anymore because it turns out that reading in bed just after waking up makes me sleepy again and I go back to sleep. Instead, I’ll switch to daytime reading, reading in the afternoon with a cup of tea, like I always did.

Morning yoga. Nope. It’s not going to happen. I tried two or three times and it’s not working for me. I. Get. Bored. I talked with a friend of mine and he said I should join a yoga saloon to work it out and I guess he’s right.

This month I added swimming to my tracker. I wish to start morning swims. I don’t have a membership yet and God knows when I will go and have one… But I will even it’s the last day of March :) You might wonder W.H. Method, I’ll explain it in another post, plus I haven’t tried it yet, it’s a bit scary for me. 

And fruits. One of my new year’s resolutions is eating more fruits because we don’t eat any. I swear in these two months of new year I only eat fruits when we had waffles on a Sunday breakfast. That was it! So from now on I’ll track every day on which I eat even a piece of fruit. 

About my meditations, they are complicated. There is one meditation I do in the afternoons. The other two are we do together with Mr. T. and it’s like you are doing it for 21 days and you have break and start again. The unmarked days don’t mean that I was lazy, they mean I’m having a mandatory break between the meditations. But for affirmations I can’t say the same. It’s totally my laziness, the unmarked days… But I’m getting it together. 

March will be a success! It’s yet another busy month for me but I’ can do it (I hope). 

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