Mid-week Pampering

Yesterday’s recap; Hump day pamper time!

As I said, I took a (not too) long shower which is always the best medicine for me. Then I felt the urge to have a “at home spa day“. I’ve been neglecting my self-care lately. I’ve found a face sheet mask that I had bought ages ago and forgotten to use. I loved it! Except the fact that I had an allergic reaction. But as a person with hypersensitive skin (which sucks big time!) I’m used to it. For my hair, I use Hair Magic Serum by Dead Sea Spa Magic. It has a spa effect on hair so you have to wrap your hair in clingfilm to activate it.  Best thing I’ve used for my hair so far.

I did my own manicure as always, plucked my eyebrows and was just about to try the new peeling I bought last week for my feet. It’s from Patchology and the lady in Sephora really recommended it. It exfoliates the feet and renews the skin. But I couldn’t try it because Mr. T called and we I decided to have dinner in my favorite restaurant so I had to get ready. 

The best part of the day was lahmajoun we ate in Veganka! I loooove it! Mr. T tried it for the first time and he loved it to. He always eats falafel when we’re there.

And the precious found of the night is this Tommy’s Bears vegan gummy candies. 

We got back home and started to a new series; After Life. I did love it because Ricky Gervais…

This was a perfect day, the perfect Wednesday and I really needed it. I’m planning to try the foot peeling tonight and show the disgusting results here because WHY NOT? Now I’ll have my breakfast, do some shopping for the fridge because we have nothing to eat, and cook. 

Have a nice day!

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