Happy Healthy Friday

I’m writing this post in the kitchen because I’m cooking wild rice and also a giant stew pot of chickpeas are boiling on the stove which is going to be a bowl of delicious hummus. Why? Because starting from today, I’m eating clean and healthy (and less, hopefully). Yesterday I messed up. I ate a giant plate of dumplings, all of the gummy candies and chocolate. I felt terrible. So I skipped dinner and drank only water. This morning I was feeling better. But thinking about yesterday meals and junks… So I promised myself that I will take care of my body like I used to. My body deserves better than this, far better than this. 

It’s raining outside. Spring! Please arrive! I’ve made my burdock tea, with a little agave and lemon juice because it doesn’t taste very nice without them. I don’t have any plans for today. I need to stay at home because I am waiting for a package to be delivered. I’ve bought face masks after pamper party I had on Wednesday. My skin still feels hydrated and I guess I have to take care of it more often and more regular. 

And by the time I wrote this post, wild rice and chickpeas are cooked, salade is made and they are all eaten alongside with the steamed cauliflower from yesterday. 

I wish you all a happy weekend with full of healthy meals.

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