Red Red Wine

It’s Monday and It’s a new week and this is my face from Saturday. You might have noticed my red red lipstick? 

I was never into lipsticks when I was in college and even in my corporate life. I only had one lipstick throughout these years: My red lipstick. It was the only and the perfect shade I had and I loved it. After we moved to Ankara in 2013, I bought another shade of lipstick. A very deep dark red like burgundy red. This was the second lipstick I bought and the third I owned as I was gifted a pinkish shade after a shopping I did. Then I became addicted… Now, I do not go to the market without my lipstick on. My face looks so pale and unhealthy. And to be honest, here in Ankara weather you have to put on a lipstick or your chapstick.

Anyway, it’s not like I have tens of lipsticks. I’m pale and have a cold undertoned skin so not every colour looks good on me. So I have a few but nice shades that suits me. And I always have my red lipstick. This one, I bought two years ago and I put it on for a wedding only. It’s so bright and eye catching. But I put it on a normal Saturday. Because ever since I’ve read When the Breath Becomes Air I wear and use all of my stuff. That book reminded me again how life can be unsteady and everything can change in an instants. You don’t know what’s around the corner.  While reading that book, I also bought a new wallet, a nice red wallet because I really needed one. After I bought it I said to my husband: “I think I shouldn’t use it in everyday life. I should keep it clean and save it for the best” like the bag I bought last year which I still haven’t used yet. Then I finished the book and I took that bag out and also switched things into my new wallet from the old one. Because there’s no rational reason to keep things for later. They are just things. They’re here to give you joy. You own them, you use them, they become worn off and you replace them if you need another one of them. I know there’s something buried in my complicated head as a reason of this but I don’t care anymore. I’ll use that bag and purse everyday, I’ll wear that coat while going out to buy bagels if I like to, I’ll put that bright red lipstick on a Saturday morning if I feel like it. I’ll use and enjoy the things I own while I still have time to get joy from them.

So here’s a reminder or a sign for you, whatever you name it. Use that shit and do not keep it for later or save it for the best. 

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