Reading: When Nietzsche Wept by Irvin D. Yalom.

I think I wrote here before that in 2019 I will be mostly focusing on the books which I’ve been disregarding for too long. When Nietzsche Wept is one them. I remember buying it years ago when I first moved to Istanbul for college but didn’t have the chance to read because I don’t know what happened to the book. I guess I’ve lost it. Anyway, in my last book haul, I got a new edition. 

Watching: I was in Istanbul for one week and I came back yesterday. Before I left, we started to watch The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story. But when in Istanbul, I watched Sharp Objects and the last season of True Detective. Yes, I had too much time on my hands…

Listening to: Sharp Objects‘ soundtrack! It’s soo soooo good. You can listen here.

Thinking about: Having an all inclusive spring cleaning. House really needs it. We haven’t done a deep cleaning last year so we also DO need it. I have to plan it for April.

Loving: My new Joe Cool pullover. It’ll definitely be my spring 2019 uniform.

Making me happy: My sister! She said they’ve gone to the VeggieWorld in Berlin and she has some nice vegan surprises for me. Yay!

Enjoying: Being home. As I said, I was away from home  a lot this month. I had to babysit  my sister’s furballs as they were in Zurich. I miss being home. I miss my bed, my kitchen, my view from the living room, my routines…

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