April’s Here

Here I am again in front of my laptop, sitting on our desk, drinking my hibiscus tea. Routines, routines, routines…

Though I have a big fondness for my routines, in 2019 I’ve decided to go out of my comfort zone and I’m doing it actually. I’m taking small steps but in the moment of decision I catch myself and reevaluate the situation. Like on Friday night, we skipped dinner and asked Mr. T. whether he wants to study or not (We’re taking online courses) and he said no. I was OK with that answer but then I said to myself something like “we need do things when we least want to do them” and told him so. We took our laptops and studied for one and a half hours. We were both glad we did. 

Saturday was sooo out of comfort zone, at one point I thought we were carried away with the previous day’s idea. But no, we made the right decision and celebrated it at night. It’s was going to be just a little wine and a few beers but it again turned into a kitchen party and this time it was his turn to be totally wasted. 

Hangover was inevitable the next day. We didn’t want to go out but we had elections on Sunday so we voted, did grocery shopping and went directly back home. Today I’ll make my April habit tracker and plan the spring cleaning. I want to finish the book I’m reading because my Goodreads challenge says I’m 2 books behind schedule. Mr. T. will be working late this evening so I want to spend one or two hours for the online course I’m taking. Below you can find me with my new sunglasses on my pale hangover face, with my sweatsuit on our way to vote.

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