10 years + 1 Day

Here’s a proud photo of me from yesterday, doing the things I needed to do. I went and bought the fitted sheets I was talking about. Actually I did a lot yesterday but the sheets were the victory.

I was talking with a friend yesterday about my procrastination problem and she said maybe it’s because of spring. You know, the famous spring fatigue. I think everyone experienced it in their lifetime. Moreover, when I talked to my sister this morning, she said the same thing. She feels tired, kind of feeling down. It was noticeable even from her voice. I think my friend is right. Spring is the one to blame. Seasonal changes have always affected my mood and also my skin. I mostly feel it during autumn, the autumn blues… But when spring time arrives, my hair starts to shed more, I start to have dandruff outbreak on my scalp, my oily skin feel dry, etc. But this fatigue and laziness hit me hard this time. The internet says to stay hydrated, to spend more time outdoors for serotonin release, to exercise to keep the body active and to eat fruits, vegetables, and anything with vitamins and minerals. So I’ll keep drinking my smoothies daily no matter what and I did yesterday. 

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