Wounded, again…

Another scratch I took from the kids. The previous scar hasn’t fully healed yet and now I have another one just on the outer corner of my eye. All I wanted was just a kiss. Love shouldn’t be this cruel…

But the morning started nicely. I had a weirdly beautiful lucid dream. I was on the beach, soaking my feet in the sea, watching the fishes as the water was so clean. Then shit started to get weird. In the right side of the bay, the sea was dark and deep. There was a barb wired pier and a woman jumped into the sea and tried to take her big CARPET out. Her carpet was rolled and lying underwater. Then I saw a giant sea creature very close to the shore. It’s when I woke up. Despite the weird part, it was a very calming and nice dream. 

Today I want to finish the book I’ve been reading since forever 19th of March,  When Nietzsche Wept: A Novel of Obsession. To be honest, I’m a little bored but I like reading it. The only problem is my fatigue. I can only read a few pages before bed and I can’t even grab the book during day time so I can’t drift with the story. But I want to read today, at least 50 pages. I need to be home because I’m waiting for two packages. I’m planning to start spring cleaning next week so the best thing to do for today is reading. Reading while drinking my smoothie. Here’s yesterday’s smoothie. I added a little carob extract this time, it was not very nice, I’ll be honest. But healthy no matter what. 

2 thoughts on “Wounded, again…

  1. Ikea’nın en güzel bardağı :D Mutfağımın baş kahramanları flamingolar ahahaha

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