Guilty, again…

I’m here to say that yesterday I read 80 pages of the book I’m currently reading. Yes, I’m here to brag about how many pages I read in one day. That may sound nonsense to you but believe me during these days, it’s a miracle for me. The only thing I stick to religiously is my morning herbal tea. And the rest of the day is totally improvisational.

The packages I had been waiting for arrived yesterday. It’s not hard to guess what’s inside: Books. I again did book shopping yet there’re still unread books from my previous haul. But I think book shopping is like an addiction. It’s really a struggle. It’s not like I keep buying books and never read them. I read all of them. Besides there were many times I could control myself and did not buy a single one and read the books that were waiting on my book shelves. But it’s true that just after I order my books online, I immediately start to make another list in my online shopping cart… This is why I try to keep away from bookstores. 

The other thing I stick to is my daily smoothies. Yesterday’s flavour was cherries, bananas, quinoa flakes and chia seeds. Summer! Please hurry up! I’ve been using frozen fruits and I’m getting sick of it. I need fresh fruits. I wish you all a sunny and happy weekend! I won’t be around so have fun!

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