Hello, again…

Hello from a dark Tuesday midday. It’s literally dark inside our house. I’m listening my Discover Weekly playlist and again drinking my white mulberry tea. I haven’t eaten yet, I woke a little late. I was planning to write this post yesterday but I spent my two hours in the kitchen, cleaning the turmeric from the floor. I cleaned turmeric from the grouts with a toothbrush, vacuumed the floor 456 times to make sure there was no broken glass left. Well, shit happens but I might have broken the worst spice jar in the kitchen. Do not let that happen, you don’t want that, believe me.

Anyway, we spent the weekend with our parents. I was with mine and Mr. T. was with his own. He dropped me off on Friday night and drove to his parents. On Saturday morning, my sister arrived in time for breakfast. It was just like the old times, 4 of us in the tiny kitchen, on the tiny table, having breakfast and dinner. It was a very lovely weekend, we laughed so much. 

On Sunday we drove back home after Mr. T came and picked me up. But before that I got the stuffs from my sister which she bought from Berlin. The vegan stuffs! She exaggerated and did a full luggage shopping and she did buy amazing things. I love you Sis!

Well, my fridge is full of vegan food and I’m hungry. So time to go, I’m off. Have a beautiful week!

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