Monday the 15th

Warning: The following content may be disturbing to some readers.

Hello after a good weekend. Well, the weather was horrible and very depressing here in Ankara. But that didn’t keep us from having two great days. If you ask what we have done, honestly nothing special. We woke super late in both mornings. On Saturday we had breakfast out and run the errands. After having dinner we arrived home watched The OA, went to bed late. On Sunday we were at home until late in the afternoon, had breakfast at home, did some cleaning and left the house for -my favorite thing- grocery shopping. After having dinner I created a spa  night for my husband. I love it when he’s interested in the things I buy and when he wants to try and enjoy them. Men should seriously do these things too. I’m talking about weekly self-care routines in our case. He had a long foot soak while sipping his lemon balm tea, then applied a sheet mask, did foot peeling. Men seriously try these things even once in a while. After his spa night we finished watching The OA’s last season. It was mind blowing, a total mind-fuck. We brushed out teeth, applied our nighttime mask and went to bed. Yes, this is all. A wonderful weekend spent with the love of my life and my little loves of my live. 

You might be wondering the warning at the top of the post. Remember when I wrote I was going to try Patchology’s  foot peeling? I tried and loved it. It’s amazing! It works like magic! My foot skin has completely renewed. My feet are the smoothest. If you want to show some love to your feet, you have to try this peeling. Well, the warning is for the photo of this process. Some might not like to see so I thought I should write a warning. Et voilà! 

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