A Long Weekend

From which I’m still trying to recover… Here’s what happened:

On Friday we packed and hit the road for birthday celebrations of my sister. I wonder how many hours of my lifetime I spent packing… Anyway, we arrived Istanbul late at Friday night. On the next day, every thing started with a giant delicious high-carb breakfast table, sadly. Now checking the photos I see that it’s more like a eating festival rather than a birthday weekend… 

We did a little shopping on Saturday afternoon and that was our only energetic activity. We came back home, got ready and went out for dinner. We went to a very tiny but nice restaurant in Taksim. It’s called Çukur. I knew that place but had never been before. It was amazing. There were a lot of vegan options in the menu and for the first time I left the table with a full stomach. 

Next stop was Babylon. I didn’t know Babylon had a new place. It was “Oldies but Goldies” night; 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. It was far better than I expected. The songs were chosen wisely though some masterpieces were missing but we even sang and danced while the DJ was playing Offspring. We danced, we drank, we danced, we sang, we danced and we danced more. The next day my neck and my left knee was hurting. That’s how much I danced. It was a one of the best nights of 2019 so far!

We arrived home at 04:30 because the party continued at Gizli Bahçe. It was completely nostalgic for me because I hadn’t been there for years and we used to go there often when I was in college in Istanbul. I went to bed  at 5 in the morning and woke up at 10, waited for others to wake up and then as everyone was having an hangover we went out for breakfast. We were all starving. We again ate and did nothing on Sunday except playing Rummikub. Monday morning was not any different either, laziness at its finest; super late breakfast and Rummikub and our time to leave. We left around 20:00 and arrived home a little late. 

It was a beautiful weekend. It was both exhausting but at the same time relaxing, full of good food, good music, good company and very good times. Happy birthday to my sister! I love you! Next year we’ll be on the dance floor when the sun comes up! Here’s one of our favorite songs for you! 

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