What I Eat

After a weekend full of heavy and high-carb meals we just needed to stop. Stop eating whatever we want to. It’s not just about gaining weight. I feel like shit when I eat like shit. Over the years I learn how to treat my body in the right way. I know how I’m supposed to feed myself, what is good and what is bad for me. When I lose control and go off the track my body gives me signals that I shouldn’t ignore and it’s been giving them lately. 

So every now and then I’ll be posting my meals here just to motivate myself or who knows maybe it would inspire people to do so, to go vegan? This is what I ate yesterday. I skip breakfast and instead I drink a herbal tea. I eat my (breakfast) lunch between 12:00 and 13:00. I eat whatever I want, it can be a toast or a proper meal. Yesterday was an exceptional day because I had very nice and delicious things in my fridge. I had frozen veggies and I steamed them and made a spinach dressing with mustard, garlic and a little agave. I serve them with polorosso leaves and fried my yummy tofu with a little oil. Normally I don’t eat tofu, I don’t like it but my sister brought this one from Berlin and it’s really tasty. Then I put tapenade and my vegan cheese on white bread and topped it with lentil sprouts. Again, we don’t eat white bread but this one came from Istanbul with us somehow. I admit that I ate a little vegan chocolate after that meal as I’m on my period and I did need something sweet.

My second meal was my dinner→ my smoothie. I made it with banana, pineapple, strawberries, frozen pomegranate, matcha, flaxseed, grape seed and beet powder. Bringing back smoothies to our daily lives was the best decision of 2019. I’m trying new smoothie recipes and I want to share them here in coming days.

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