Keep it Clean

Spring cleaning 2019 has officially begun in our house. I hadn’t done any planning as I said before but there were a few spots I was dying to deal with and our pull out pantry was one of them. We shoved everything in it so It was too heavy it wasn’t even closed properly. It was horrible to be honest. I forgot to take a before photo but when mostly everything was out on the floor and on the kitchen counter I took one. 

Every single shelf was just like the one on top. I took everything and every shelf out, washed the shelves and wiped the things. There were a lot of expired packages and a lot of jars that I didn’t even know where they were from. And apparently we have enough pasta for the next six months. Oh and trash bags! If there’s a trash bag famine, you can trust us!

I threw everything that expired and put things in glass jars that were opened and still in their packaging. 


Now every time I enter the kitchen I proudly pull and check it out. I believe that there’s something magical about cleaning. I mean, decluttering and cleaning makes me feel really good. I’m a person who is highly impacted by my surroundings. One of my new year’s resolutions was to be conscious about the things I buy, about my shopping habits, thereby the things I keep, the things I store. I’ll continue this process in the kitchen. Next I need to deep clean our fridge and oven. 

Spring cleaning is good for your home as well as it’s good for your mind, for your soul and your body. 


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