Spring’s Here

It was about to be a normal Monday morning if I just didn’t have this weirdest and realistic dream. But it was a normal and beautiful weekend. Saturday was such a lovely day outside. Though we woke up late, after breakfast we went out immediately. Pretty spring flowers welcomed us. The weather was so good and it’s always a good excuse for my car selfies.

We wanted to be outdoors but we had things to do and buy but we had chance to check Bilkent Art Fest in the afternoon. We came home, had a pizza & beer night and watched Mummy. Do not ask me why we watched that movie but we could watch it till the end. 

On Sunday we woke up earlier compared to Saturday and before breakfast we went to the farmers market. I loooove farmer’s market. We don’t go often like every week but when I go I love being there. After buying fresh and colorful fruits, we decided to have waffles for Sunday breakfast. 

When we were about to go out after breakfast, a sudden storm came up and the weather changed just like in seconds but we went out anyway. I forgot to but coconut oil the previous day so we had to go out. We came home, had normal dinner and leftover pizzas and started to watch Killing Eve. And we loved it. It was a almost perfect spring weekend. Today it’s cloudy but it’s not dark, thankfully. I’ll now have my lunch/breakfast and then throw myself to dirty laundry. 

Have a nice week!


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