Quel Week-end!

Guess what I did after I wrote here my last post on Friday? Yeeeessss, I packed our bags because we went to Istanbul, AGAIN! But seriously, I’m going to chain myself to home and will never leave the house for the rest of the month. 

We decided to go on Thursday. I wasn’t really willing to go but I’m glad I did because it was so much fun, we laughed too much it was like a remedy to my gloomy day’s blues. We decided to go because Mr. T had a reunion at his university and he went with all his close friends. He spent the day with them and I spent mine with my sister and his husband, my favorite “enişte” (I know you are reading here and yes, though Enişte Franc was way better than you in every sense, you are my favorite). I took the ferry after years! It was nice… We went to Nişantaşı -again after years!- and well, it was crowded but I always like it there. I used to go there every weekend when I was in college because I used to tutor a student who lived there. God knows where she’s at right now…

Then we met with Mr. T and his friends in Beşiktaş, spent some time together and left for home as everyone was very tired. We crowned the night of course with Rummikub tournament. Next day was calm, we had breakfast, continued to the tournament and left for home.

It was a very nostalgic weekend for me. Again, I’m glad I went with my husband. My motto “We need do things when we least want to do them” does work! You should try!

Have a beautiful week! 

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