Lavender Summer

Switching to my summer closet nowadays.

We don’t have a wardrobe which is big enough to take all of our seasonal clothes so in a way I have to do it. But I love to do it, on the other hand. First of all I tend to forget what I have. So seeing the things I own makes me happy. Secondly, It’s a very good opportunity to filter my clothes, find the pieces I don’t want anymore and donate them. I haven’t finished the process yet but I already have a giant bag of clothes waiting to be donated. 

My winter closet is way better than my summer version. I seriously only have 2 denim skirts and one denim shorts. I spend the whole summer with those. I have t-shirts, though. Mostly black and white. I love colors, I love wearing colorful clothes and I have no idea why I don’t have colorful t-shirts… I don’t plan to buy anything clothing-wise this summer but if I see anything I like colorful, I’ll be on it. Like this t-shirt I bought when I was in Istanbul. Lavender is my Summer 2019 color. Every year I fall for a color and this year it’s every shade of purple, especially lilac and lavender. 

I love doing this seasonal transition in our closet but a part of me wishes to do it for the last time because it’s really exhausting. I wish to have a giant closet or a walk-in closet to keep all of my stuff all together. 

2 thoughts on “Lavender Summer

  1. Aaaah. I am envious that you live in a country with four seasons. We only have two seasons here, which is summer and rainy. And for the rainy season, it is still hot as summer (but with rains)!!!! hahaha

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