I’m not here to bitch about the weather like I always do on Fridays. Because summer has decided to arrive. I guess we do not experience spring anymore.

But I may complain about the book I’m reading right now. From the beginning of the year, my book choices are questionable, I know and I’m well aware of that. I finished the last book I read in 25 days. Yet sometimes I can finish a book in just 2 days. I think it’s normal. Does it happen to you? It’s like writer’s block but reader version: Reader’s block (I’ve just googled it and there’s really a thing called reader’s block! There are even serious articles about beating it!).

Anyway, today I want to cook or bake something sweet. But at the same time I know I shouldn’t because it’s weekend and we tend to drink and eat much more during weekends. Beer & fries will be the end of me…

I wish you all a sunny and happy weekend!

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