John Wick For President!

I think summer has finally arrived? I’m still not sure because I keep throwing on my cardigan in the evenings. But I got used to chilly summer nights here in Ankara. Plus, there was a horrible storm just in Friday night. Still nor summery enough…

It feels like Monday to me today. Yesterday my aunt was in town and she visited us. As a family tradition we spent the whole day on our chairs in the kitchen. This is us. We take a chair and sit on it for hours and hours and talk for hours and hours. No matter how small or big the kitchen is or no matter if it’s a chair or a stool we sit on or even we stand. 

Tonight Mr. T won’t be home for dinner. It’s almost midday, I haven’t had breakfast yet and I’m work-free today. I want to see John Wick 3 but I don’t want to do it alone because John Wick is our thing. Did I ever mention here that Keanu Reeves was my ultimate crush? I used to have his picture framed in my room! I love him since the day my sister rented the VHS of Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. I don’t know how many times we watched that movie… 

OK. I really need to go. I’m hungry. I can talk about the books and the movies tomorrow, enough for today. Have a nice week!


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