I was going to wake up earlier this morning and planning to go for a walk. Unfortunately I fell asleep and had the weirdest dreams… My husband and I were shedding skin. There were skin pieces on the floor all around the house. The weirdest part was it was as if we were leaving our human body and transitioning into animals. Me to a lion and he was turning to a bee. Yes, that’s some fucked up shit, I know. Enough awkwardness for today, I can hear you…

I’m going to try to veganize a dish today so I’m super excited. I’ll be mostly in the kitchen, cooking and playing my music. I really wanted to go for a walk today. I even prepared my shit the night before. Instead I surrendered to sleep and got terrorized by nonsensical dreams! If I have some time left during the day, I want to finish watching the movie I started yesterday evening; The Perfection. Or I can finished the book I started yesterday as it’s a very short one by Stefan Zweig, Untergang Eines Herzens, Destruction of a Heart. 

I wonder what you are up to today. 

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