I woke up so sad because I had a dream in which my wallet was stolen. A few months ago I bought a new wallet and I love it. It’s nothing special. It’s big and red just like the one I was looking for. In my dream I had a red backpack and my wallet was in it and they were stolen together. I don’t know why but I was extremely sad. It was a very vivid dream and the sadness was so real so after I woke up I checked the place where I always put it and there it was. I think I like that wallet more than I think. Because I wasn’t sad about the money or the cards or ids I had in it, I was just sorry because the wallet itself was gone and I knew I wouldn’t find the same wallet again. I promise I won’t write the word “wallet” again for the next 6 months.

Yesterday was nice. I went out to run some errands, bought myself a nice fanny back. I tell you, summer has arrived ladies and gentlemen. Everyone I saw yesterday was in their summer clothes. I mean summer summer clothes. And yet I was still in my jeans and windbreaker…

Then we went our for dinner because I was craving (vegan) lahmajoun. Next, we went to this new place where you can eat vegan ice-cream. It was a nice and breezy summer evening and I loved it. We want to spend more time out this summer. Lots of ice cream date nights!

I wish every one of you a nice Friday and a nice holiday. 


3 thoughts on “Friday

  1. Hi Fatos, I’m currently at work, slaving my brain to submit tons of write-up that I cannot seem to finish. I am really a slave to this job. But I also badly need this to pay for bills, tuition, etc. I hope that whatever we both are going through, we get through them right.

    ~Sorry about that random vent. Anyway, I love your hair! I am sporting almost the same bangs as you now. Mine is only a bit longer because it touches my brows. Like you, I would also be terribly sad if I lose my wallet. I bought this Blue Cath Kidston wallet last month. It comes with a cat illustration, their generic floral prints, and black polka dots. I think it has been the only wallet that I have some attachment to because I love the design and how so many things can fit inside it.

  2. I totally get you. My previous job was like eating my soul. Money makes people slaves unfortunately.
    I LOVE Cath Kidston bags! I had two and I bought them from a clothing bazaar. As you can guess they were very affordable. I’ll post photo of my bags if you post your wallet :)

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