Ankara I Love You…

But you are bringing me down… Heavy rains? Flood? People died? 

We were out when the rain has started, eating our ice-creams. The rain was incredible, as soon as it slowed down we started to drive home. This was the view from our windshield.

At one point it got worse and all the cars were pulled over and everyone was waiting the storm to calm down. When we arrived at our parking lot, the hail started. We waited in the car for half an hour and then ran to the house. There was a power blackout. After that the siren sounds and the traffic didn’t stop for 3 hours. We learnt that there was a flood in the area we live and people died when my mother called us. Then Mr. T checked the cats outside, they were fine. 

I guess this is how mother nature gets even with us. I can’t say it’s cruel because the things we’ve done and keep doing to her is beyond cruel and beyond compare…

Try to have a nice week…

2 thoughts on “Ankara I Love You…

  1. Oh no. I’m sorry to hear about that. June is also supposedly a flood month here in Philippines but I’m wishing that there won’t be major ones anytime soon. It’s good to know that you and your family is safe.

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