Day 9: A song that makes you happy.

This might be the hardest question of the challenge for me . I’ve been thinking about it since yesterday and I found out that the songs that make me happy change. I mean they are not like the sad songs. I don’t know how to explain it. For instance, early this year, Love Generation by Bob Sinclair was making me happy, I hadn’t listened that song for years and I guess I missed it. I kept listening to it for days. But right now there’s another song that I keep listening and makes me happy. That doesn’t mean Love Generation stepped down and retired, it’s still one of my favorite songs that makes me happy whenever I listen. What I want to say is these kind of songs change by time. I know that doesn’t sound logical. OK. Let’s listen to the song that makes me very happy nowadays. I was in college when I first listened to this song. I remember the exact day. It was spring time, we were at home with my sister, we’re living together back then. Still I love this song!

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