In the Kitchen

I woke up with the sudden sound of the doorbell. It was the delivery company agent who brought me my “dry shampoo”. I did a little online skincare(ish) shopping last week. I bought products that I’ve never tried before. I want to review them here but first let me spend some time with them.

Well, I wanted to thank to the delivery agent as I was having a horrible dream. Horrible and vivid as fuck. I was supposed to go for a walk this morning because I promised my husband. He wants me to move. I also want to move. But there are periods in life when you are not into working out, you know? I was never like this. Well, I’ve never been a gym rat but “movement” has somehow always been a part of life, until now. I even don’t want to swim. But today I’ll keep my promise and walk in the afternoon. I’m alone tonight as Mr. T. has a late meeting. I finished the first season of Good Girls. We also finished the second season of Sons of Anarchy. We decided to take a break from Netflix and series, TV. but the second season of SOA ended with a WTF episode, I don’t how we will resist not to start the third season.  

I’m in the kitchen today. Normally I write my posts in the living room with my tea next to me but today I’m in the kitchen and drinking my lime water. Dreaming of the sunny days to come…

2 thoughts on “In the Kitchen

  1. Hele bir üçüncü sezonu izlemeyin :/ Gönül koyarım ahahaha. Taş gibi diziydi. Özlüyorum. Six Feet Under, Nip Tuck, The Wire,… ne diziler vardı. GoT halt etmiş. Rezil finali cabası.

  2. Sen de tam alzheimerlı dede oldun, her yorumda GoT gömüyosun burada :P
    Evet harika diziymiş ya nasıl bunca sene izlememişiz. Ay sonuna kadar ara veriyoruz çünkü artık manyaklık oldu bu dizi olayları.
    Nip Tuck asıl şimdi çekilmeliymiş.

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