Saturday Yay!

Good morning.

I’m not here to talk about the weather because the weather is nuts. On Saturday night I was so cold we had to go back home early because my windbreaker wasn’t enough to keep me warm. Who would have thought that you need a real coat in the middle of June!?

As we celebrated Father’s Day last week and Mr.T. was working on Saturday, we were in town, thankfully. I don’t want to pack again for a long time. It was a typical weekend; cleaning, running errands, eat out…

I’ve started to read a new book yesterday night. I guess it’s going to make me cry. I don’t read or watch or listen anything that makes me cry anymore. I’m 37, bon sang! I don’t want to cry over fictional sad stories. I even change the radio or skip the song if it’s a sad one. But hey, I didn’t choose this sensitive life, sensitive life chose me…

I wish you all a beautiful and sunny week! 

4 thoughts on “Saturday Yay!

  1. Kiev’de babalar gününde herkes ellerinde çiçeklerle mezarlığa gidiyordu :/

    Hangi kitap :p

  2. Kya’nın Şarkı Söylediği Yer, Delia Owens.
    Kiev deyince bir gülme geliyor bana, seneler önce izlediğim Kiev Otobüsü adlı videodan dolayı :D

  3. Rehberli olan? Öğüt verdiği? :/

    Ben seviyorum Kiev’i her şeye rağmen. Güzel konserler bahşediyor bana. Yemekler güzel. İnsanlar iyi (lisan bilmemelerine biraz takılsam da). Bu haftasonu da oralara düştü yolum. Yazdım maceramı :)

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