Mouth Mirrors & Breakfasts

 We spent yesterday afternoon in the dentist office. Look what she gave me! I’ve always wanted to have one of those mouth mirrors. The news about my root treated tooth was not so good but at least I left there happy with my mouth mirror in my hand. 

After dentist, we treated ourselves with high-carb foods. It’s not because we deserved it or something, just because we were very close to a place where we love the food. The only consoling thing about that meal was it was eaten very early like 16:30 in the afternoon and we haven’t eaten anything else since then. It’s 11:38 and I haven’t had my breakfast yet. I’m planning to have a vegan omelette. I’ve been eating toasts with vegan cheese, tomatoes and greens for breakfast on a regular basis. I think it’s time to switch things up. I’ve already given my vegan omelette recipe but if you are wondering here’s the link

Today I’m going to be in the kitchen, I guess. I’m looking for sugar-free and vegan cookie recipes but so far nothing was tempting enough for me to try, they didn’t sound delicious. If you have anything, hit me up in comments.

Have a delicious day!

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