Good Morning

My tendency to blog with great irregularity during summer time is now one of my personal traits. Somehow I became not attracted to it anymore. Maybe it’s because that during winter, I spend most of my time at home. There are a lot of distractions in summer and so blogging is not my priority anymore. I even tend to read less during summer. 

There are things that don’t change: Morning teas, late breakfasts, watching series, ice-cream dates… I’m happy that one of my favorite restaurants here in Ankara added 3 different vegan dishes to their menu. Can you believe it? 3. Different. Vegan. Dishes. So eating out and dinner dates are not pain in the ass anymore. 

I like it. I like how this summer is chill and calm. I feel like I let things flow. I don’t need to control shit and for the first time it feels good. I have plans though. What can I say, I’m  utterly a Virgo and without a plan, I’m nothing. 

Enough for today. I need to go and have my late breakfast. Have a nice day!

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