June & July 2019

It’s going to be a short recap though it’s for two months. I have my reasons. First, I really don’t want to write, and second I swear to God I don’t remember June and even the beginning of July. I usually try to remember the month by taking a trip down to memory lane by glancing through the photos on my phone but I imported all the things (about 8000 photos and videos) so I have nothing on my phone.  Also I’m well aware that July hasn’t over yet, I just wanted to end it up. 

The first days of June were spent with the families as there was a religious holiday. The rest I can not remember. Kidding. The weather was horrible, it didn’t even feel like summer here in Ankara. Mr. T had an exam in July so we practically studied almost every single night in June. By the end of the month, my parents came to visit us and they brought the sun, thank God! After they left, we had a vet adventure for about more than 20 days which I really don’t want to talk about. I was at the vet clinique every single day, that’s all I have to say.

We didn’t stay at home after the exam. We couldn’t because we said goodbye to friends. One of my friends moved to Tokyo, we sent another lovely couple to Poland. Everyone is leaving. We are the only couple I know who doesn’t want to leave the country.

Times I spend at home in June and July, my favorite times. Our pool is open so spending time there, reading and enjoying the sunshine is priceless. I’m in love with summer

What we watched, what I read during summer is going to be in another post because there’s no way I can remember any of those right now. I need Mr. T’s assistance. I wish everyone a beautiful August. Enjoy the last month of summer!

2 thoughts on “June & July 2019

  1. İzlanda’dan devlet töreni karşılamalı bir teklif gelmezse ben de terk etmeyi düşünmüyorum ahaha :D Japonyada aç kalırım yahu :p D-E-D-E kurabiyesi neden göremiyorum :((

  2. Nasıl göremiyosun? Senin gözlerinde bozulmuş dede ya, var işte orda “dede” yazıyo kurabiyelerde :P

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